PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update Rolls-Out: Erangel 2.0, Enhanced Graphics, and More

PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update Rolls-Out: Erangel 2.0, Enhanced Graphics, and More

PUBG Mobile’s new and highly anticipated update v1.0 is finally rolling out globally. The new update promises a wide variety of upgrades to the game including numerous visual changes during gameplay, as well as new UI implementations. The biggest addition of them all is Erangel 2.0, which is a revamped version of the original map in the game.

The new update should be available on the Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for iOS users. The update size is approximately 1.8GB on Android and 2.17GB on iOS. Of course, the game being banned in India means that one cannot get the latest 1.0 update officially. There is however another way to get the new update, by downloading the APK and OBB files, which may or may not work for you. We advise you to go for that method only if you are willing to take the risk.

We recently reported an official statement by PUBG Corp, confirming that PUBG Mobile will no longer be controlled by Tencent Games in India and that PUBC Corp will take all publishing responsibilities. This essentially means that the original South Korea-based gaming company is taking over the responsibilities, and we could see the game being unbanned in the country soon. Tencent had reportedly lost $34 billion in terms of market value, just a day after the ban on 118 Chinese apps in India.

Despite being a massive update, PUBG Mobile has shared rather short patch notes for the new update:

New Classic Mode Gameplay: Erangel 2.0:

-All-new Visuals changes like updated the sky, land, water, and vegetation to be more realistic and detailed

-Changed the structure of some buildings: Mylta Power, Quarry, Prison etc.

-New PUBG Mobile Map Elements

-Added trenches, wooden barricades, abandoned tanks, and constructions as cover to create a more compelling battlefield atmosphere across Erangel which will make new tactics and strategies possible.

Livik Improvements:

-New firearm: M1014

-All-new PUBG Mobile semi-automatic shotgun. Load up to 7 rounds for an outstanding close-quarters combat experience.

-It can be equipped with the Shotgun Muzzle or Bullet Loop attachment and is currently the most efficient Shotgun to use in combat.

-Ammo can be manually reloaded, which allows everyone to adapt to emergencies that might catch you by surprise.

-Only appears on Livik on the Classic Battle Royale Map and Arena, along with other shotguns.

-PUBG Mobile Visual Effects Improvements

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